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  Black Angels: ISBN 0385327765
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Black Angels

    For eleven-year-old Celli Jenkins, the summer of 1961 begins like any other hot summer in the small town of Mystic, Georgia. But it becomes clear that this summer will be anything but ordinary when Celli begins to see black angels playing hopscotch in her yard on the white side of town. With her mother away for a month's vacation in Atlanta, Celli and her brother are left home with Sophie, their black housekeeper, who's part of the family despite the color of her skin. Sophie's outspoken support of the fledgling cicil rights movement embarrasses Celli-and leaves her an outcast among her friends.

   As the black community's fight for equality gains momentum, Celli feels more humiliated by Sophie's strident presence in town than supportive of her struggle.   Then Celli's long-lost grandmother arrives with the famous Freedom Riders from the North and changes the way Celli looks at life, color, faith and family.



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" A beautiful and stirring examination of race, loyalty and courage."   - Albemarie


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