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Night Flying: ISBN 038532748
Delacorte Books For Young Readers

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Night Flying

Georgia Hansen can fly. All the Hansen women can. But flying is not a carefree pursuit.   There's a strict code enforced by Georgia's domineering grandmother:   no solo flight until the flier is initiated at sixteen; no meat in the diet; and above all, no flying in daylight. And there are unspoken rules that Georgia, her mother and her aunts quietly live by, bullied by the cold, hard woman whocontrols the family fortune.

   All her life, Georgia has adhered to these rules. In a week she will turn sixteen, facing her family at her initiation ceremony and taking to the skies alone for the first time. But Georgia's anticipation is disrupted by the arrival of her rebellious aunt Carmen. Banished from the family years before, this unknown aunt reveals secrets that have never been spoken at the Hansen farm. In an instant, all that Georgia has believed is called into question, and in her confusion and anger, she commits an unforgivable offense.

   Before she can earn her place in the sky, Georgia must determine whether her passion for flight is stronger than her to duty to rules she never agreed to, and a life mapped out for her before she was born.


Winner of the 1999 Delacorte Press Prize for First Young Adult Novel ALA Best Book for Young Adults Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award Master List Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master List Smithsonian Magazine Best Books for 2000 Starred Reviews- Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews


"Enchanting...An Auspicious debut."   -Publishers Weekly

"The writing is full of apt and innovative images...the beauty and danger of flight are skillfully managed."     -Kirkus Reviews

"Young mystics who are eager to fly on their own...will happily leap with Georgia into the starlit Vermont sky."    -The Horn Book Magazine

"A lovely, haunting tale."    -KLIATT

"A fine tale of magical realism with some fascinating female characters."   -Booklist

"Written with a quiet intensity, deceiving in its simplicity...Gerogia comes of age with grace and honor."        -Voice of Youth Advocates

"A powerful coming-of-age novel by a gifted author."   -Forever Books

"Every sentence in this splendidly crafted book is essential...A first novel from this fine American author."   -Carousel   (Britian)


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