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  Harmony: ISBN 0440229235
Laurel Leaf Books
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     One night some fifteen years ago, Felix McGillicuddy took out his telescope to watch the Perseid meteor showers from his mountaintop home in Tennessee. He knew he'd see a spectacular show, but the view kept improving as one of the falling stars came closer and closer, finally landing in his wife's chicken coop! Felix found that star quite remarkable-but not as remarkable as the baby lying beside it, naked and crowing louder than a rooster. Harmony McClean had landed.

   Thanks to her unusual arrival, Harmony has always been treated like an outsider.   Her story is still the most fascinating thing that's happened on the mountain in years, and most folks are too in awe of her past to get to know her. But if people think Harmony McClean is different because of her unique beginnings, they won't believe what happens soon after she turns fifteen. Power is coursing through Harmony-the power to affect the universe with her energy. With a thought she can move a spoon; with a touch of her hand she can see a person's deepest secret.   When the energy flows, Harmony feels connected-to the trees, to the stars, to the world around her.

    This power is a frightening gift for a girl who has always hated being different, and Harmony must decide whether to hide her abilities or reveal herself and embrace the consequences-good and bad-of her full strength.



Starred Reviews:

Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews


"A magical story written with a light, lyrcial touch."   - Kirckus Reveiws, Starred

"Murphy connects earth and sky in a novel laced with lyricism and magic." -Publisher Weekly, Starred

" In sweet, sharp language...Murphy chronicles Harmony's coming to terms with her gift in this delicately etched fantasy touched with magical realism. -Booklist

"A wonderful story"   -School Library Journal

"Engaging"    - Horn Book Magazine


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